All Time Low

It’s been years since the members of All Time Low have toured the grueling yet deserving Vans Warped Tour. But, once they stepped into the Vegas heat, it’s like they never left. I met up with Jack Barakat and Rian Dawson to talk about what it’s like being back on Warped Tour as well as Jack drawing a little something for the interview.

Introduce yourselves and what do you do in the band? I’m Rian and I play drums in All Time Low and next to me is Jack who is the artist of the band right now and is the guitarist for the band.

How are you guys surviving the heat? Rian: Honestly it’s not that bad. It’s hot as hell right now. I’d say it’s about 104 [degrees]. I feel like I can’t complain because people in Vegas are like “Oh, it’s another day.” I was talking to the cab driver and I said, “It’s hot.” He said, “It’s not that bad.” But, we got a lot of shade and a bus with a bus with air conditioning so we can’t complain. If we complain, we’re really crappy for all the kids out there because they have to stay out in the heat all day. We could become one with them.

You guys are pretty much veterans at Warped Tour. Rian: Yeah, it’s our fifth Warped Tour. It’s been three years since we did it. We’re still getting into the swing of things. It’s only day three and we’re coming out of a long two days in Vegas. We’re finally getting back into the grind.

What are you guys excited for on this year’s tour? Rian: Honestly every Warped Tour has been awesome. This one, we’re so fortunate to play because the line up is something that we would love to see, like we’d go to as fans. There’s Yellowcard, New Found Glory, The Used, Taking Back Sunday, The Wonder Years, and We Are The In Crowd. All these bands that we would just love to tour with, we get to see them everyday. And our fans are probably happy as well because they’re all fans of those bands.

You guys have a single out called “The Reckless and The Brave.” How did that come about? Rian: I’m so excited about that song. We got to squeeze it into the set because we only have thirty five minutes so we have to pick and choose. But the song is going over so well. Alex, at a point, wanted to have an anthematic vibe of doing what you want, kind of our story. Against all odds, we made it by doing what we wanted to do. Against people talking crap about us and saying how we couldn’t do it. We just went through and did it. It’s kind of that story in a nutshell.

If you were a stripper, what would be your stripper name? Jack: How do you do that? I’d be the Jack Hammer. When I was in grade school, it would be the street you grew up in and your middle name or something.

Rian: I think it’s your pet’s name.

Jack: Oh then that’s great because mine would be Stormy Saxon. Maybe I have to quit. That name alone is perfect.

Rian: Mine would be Jason Valley.

Jack: That’s not bad. That’s great. We’d be Stormy Saxon and Jason Valley.

Describe All Time Low in three words: Jack: Dirty, sexy, fun.

Rian: Dirty, sweaty, fun.

Jack: Oh sorry.

Rian: He’s kind of a sex machine here so that’s why he said sexy.

Jack: We’re all about having fun, having a good time on stage, and getting disgustingly hot. It’s Warped Tour. It’s what it’s for.

What’s next for All Time Low? Rian: We do the entire Warped Tour for a month and a half, take about a week or two off and go to Europe and do festivals with Green Day and Foo Fighters. It is unbelievable to play with Green Day. We did Foo Fighters last year which was amazing. To tour with our favorite band, Green Day, would be incredible. Green Day is the reason we are a band. We’re touring in the fall, a new record out at some point. But once that happens it’s just tour tour tour.

Any last words you guys want to say? Jack: Please pick up our new album when it comes out.

These guys are a whole lot of fun when it comes to the stage. Each member has their own quirks that they put into the show. Jack Barakat has a charismatic and silly personality. He tends to play around with the crowd and get them into their set. Alex Gaskarth was front and center singing his heart out to the crowd. The audience of screaming teenage girls echoed throughout the venue and that indicated that they truly enjoyed All Time Low’s set. Their set consisted of songs off of their Nothing Personal and So Wrong It’s Right album. The crowd’s favorite was their last song which was “Dear Maria.” Every mouth was singing along to the words and jumping up and down. There was also a few crowd surfers that got high fives Barakat. The guys of All Time Low know how to put on a fun and funny show for all ages.

Check them out:

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