Vans Warped Tour 2012

If you could put yourself in a time machine and go back to the mid 2000’s, then Warped Tour is the place you’ll end up. This year’s line up includes many bands that have become famous in the early to mid 2000’s and are still going strong. There are also some new faces that add to the eclectic and fun atmosphere that Warped Tour provides.

Warped Tour in Las Vegas landed on June 20 at the Luxor Festival area. It housed all genres of music ranging from screamo, pop punk, and hip hop. This year, there were two stages that held the main line up and were set up side by side. It was easy to navigate around the big parking lot. There were many colorful fans that walked the lot and expressed their love for music. This year, Vans Warped Tour turned 18 years old and what better way to celebrate it than have a line up that it grew up with.

Crowds already filled the venue before the shows started. They were eager and sweaty when the first band took the Tilly’s stage and that was The Polar Bear Club, the crowd was already going crazy. The whole venue was packed with many fans looking forward to seeing and meeting their favorite bands. The heat didn’t stop them from enjoying themselves. It also didn’t stop the bands from doing their best to make their set the best set they’ve played.

There were so many phenomenal bands that fans had to pick and choose which one to see and which one to skip. Fans had the choice of watching Mayday Parade with their high energy set and crazy crowd surfing fans, or choosing to see the guys of Four Year Strong tear up the stage and have their fans tear up the crowd into a huge circle pit. They also could’ve seen the legends of rock Taking Back Sunday make a comeback on the Kia stage. After many years of being gone from the Warped Tour scene, they still have what it takes to please their audience. They sang their most memorable songs which included “Liar (It Take One To Know One)” and “Cute Without The E (Cut From The Team)”. Another rock band legend would be Yellowcard. After going through many trials and tribulations over the years, they came out triumphant and joyful on stage to see the fans that stuck with them singing all their hits like “For You And Your Denial” and “Ocean Avenue.”

The day ended with All Time Low keeping the energy lifted throughout their set. Every person in the crowd left with bigger smiles than they did coming in. Granted they were also sunburned from the 107 degree heat. Although it was scorching hot all day, it was definitely a great way to spend the day with all the bands that have shaped this generation as well as Warped Tour.

Check out Vans Warped Tour:

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