House of Heroes

They may have been the opening act, but House of Heroes kicked off the night with an energetic and fun vibe. It took awhile for the show to start, when it did the crowd was more than ready for a show that they will enjoy.

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, this quartet stepped on the Las Vegas House of Blues stage to give a show that sets the tone of the whole concert, and that is fun. House of Heroes consists of Tim Skipper (Vocals, guitar), Jared Rigsby (Guitar, vocals), Eric Newcomer (bass, vocals), and Colin Rigsby (drums,vocals). These four guys have such great chemistry live and the audience felt that chemistry and applauded it.

Skipper was front and center on stage and embraced that position. He has such an energy when doing a live performance. Between his powerful vocals and the rhythmic guitar riffs he plays, Tim Skipper definitely gave the crowd a show. To the right of Skipper was Eric Newcomer on bass. Newcomer’s presence added to the dynamic that House of Heroes has achieved and has showcased to the Vegas scene. On the opposite side of the stage was Jared Rigsby. Rigsby’s performance was far from lackluster. He hit every note for every song perfectly. His relationship with Skipper on stage was very entertaining. Skipper would often go over to Rigsby and play a riff together or sing a line together. Colin Rigsby was on drums and did a phenomenal job keeping up with the band. He didn’t disappoint.

Their set consisted of songs mostly off Cold Hard Want. They started the set with “Out My Way.” Once the first riff was played, their fans already had a big smile on their face and started singing the lyrics right back to the guys of House of Heroes. They then progressed to “God Save The Foolish Kings.” Stephanie Smith came out on stage and sang her parts in the song. The crowd loved the surprise. They then closed the show with “Dance (Blow It Away).” The whole crowd jumped to the beat and just danced. By the end of the show, there were more fans that House of Heroes started with.

House of Heroes is a young band that has come a long way since starting off. They were the opening act, but they did a headlining show of their own.

Check them out:

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