Half Moon Run

There have been many Canadian artists and bands that have graced the House of Blues Las Vegas stage. The most recent one has been Half Moon Run. Their cool vibes and melodic rhythms set the mood for the show on October 6.

Hailing from Quebec, Half Moon Run consists of Devon Portielje (Vocals, Guitar), Dylan Phillips (Drums), and Conner Molander (Guitar). These guys didn’t need much set up on stage to impress the crowd. Their minimalistic setup and the small amount of instruments they used during their set to create a complex yet intriguing sound is amazing.

Portielie is very much animated during Half Moon Run’s set. Whether it was playing on the guitar or playing some percussion, his enthusiasm for his music was well portrayed. On the right to Portielie was Connor Molander on guitar. His smooth transitions of guitar riffs and his indie floppy hat won over a crowd who was very eager for Metric to come on. On drums and keyboard was Dylan Phillips. Phillips kept up with Portielie and Molander’s energetic vibe with precise beats that went with every song. The trio vocalized and harmonized really well. Their chemistry and perfect synchronization on stage gave the audience a show to remember.

Half Moon Run’s set consisted of songs off of their recently released album Dark Eyes. Each song that these guys performed, they put their heart into every song. They played “Full Circle” as their first song. It was unexpected but in a good way. When they transitioned into “Call Me In The Afternoon,” the guys put all their efforts and the crowd received it very well. Portielie had a percussion part and he took advantage of that. All members were getting lost in their music and it was very inspiring. They had a mixture of fast tempo songs to smooth jazz type riffs to haunting melodies. You can tell that these guys have a passion for their music and a wide variety of influence that they input in their songs.

For being young yet seasoned artists, Half Moon Run has left with more fans in Vegas than they did going in. They surprised the whole crowd with their enthusiasm and talented music.

Check them out: https://www.facebook.com/halfmoonrun

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