For Today

When you think of a group of Christian guys being in a band and playing a show, the guys from For Today wouldn’t cross your mind. But, these guys are passionate about their faith and what they do. Their fans have appreciated their stance on everything they have ever set their foot onto and it shows through For Today’s concerts.

Hailing from Iowa, For Today has set forth to put on an amazing show for their fans, whether new or old. For Today consists of Matt Montgomery (Vocals), Ryan Leitru (Guitar/Vocals), Sam Penner (Guitar), Brandon Leitru (Bass), and David Puckett (Drums). These guys from Iowa set foot on the House of Blues Stage in Las Vegas and gave one heck of a show.

Just before entering the stage, you could already hear the crowd getting excited for For Today. They knew what was in store for them. David Puckett was first on stage then Ryan Leitru, Sam Penner, and Brandon Leitru followed. Montgomery was last on stage and he greeted the crowd with a “How’s it going, Vegas?!” and started the night off with “The King.” They then transitioned to “Fearless.” By then the crowd was already going at it and was singing to every song For Today had on their setlist. Both the band and the crowd were just feeding off each other, as far as energy goes. You could feel the passion and the excitement from both and it’s exhilarating to watch.

Montgomery was on vocals and his charismatic approach to the show paid off. He had as much energy as the crowd and even more. To the right of him was Ryan Leitru. The guitar was second nature to Ryan. He gave the crowd an impressing show and showed off his talent very well. Sam Penner was also on guitar and had as much energy as Ryan did. Penner would join in on vocals and scream the lyrics to the crowd. Brandon Leitru was on bass and his performance was far from lackluster. David Puckett was towards the back of the stage, but you could tell he was giving his all for the crowd. All in all, the guys never wasted a moment to show the crowd their enthusiasm for their music.

They ended their set with “Devastator” and the crowd went nuts. They opened up a circle pit which gave most of the crowd a pump of energy to finish. For Today mostly played songs off of Immortal and the crowd couldn’t be more happy. The guys of For Today are very youthful when it comes to their shows yet they are mature and passionate about their faith. For Today is a band to look forward to when going to a show.

Make sure to check them out:

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