Atlas Genius

Throughout the years, Las Vegas has seen many people from around the world take the House of Blues stage. But, there has not been many Australian bands that graced the stage with their talent and love of music like Atlas Genius has.

On Halloween night, Atlas Genius, along with Family of the Year, made a tour stop in Las Vegas to play an incredible show for their fans. Family of the Year was right before Atlas Genius and they set the mood for the show. They were decked out in their Halloween get up and they totally blended in with the crowd. The music they created was playful and put a smile on everyone’s face. Their set slowly came to an end and it was a bittersweet departure. At last, Atlas Genius was up next.

One by one, the guys of Atlas Genius slowly filtered onto the stage. The way they were fixated on stage was quite refreshing. No one was in the middle of the stage. Their placement made it seem that they all played an equal part into making their music. No one was more important than the other. Plus, there was a huge space for them to just dance around and enjoy the music that they’ve created. Keith Jeffery was on stage right and was very enamored with the music that he makes with his brother. He also wasn’t afraid to interact with the crowd. One moment he’s on stage, the next he’s singing with the crowd by the barricade. The whole crowd went nuts. Towards the back end of the stage was Michael Jeffery on drums. He kept up with Keith’s energetic vibe as well as the fans whoo’s and yeah’s. He did an amazing job keeping up with the beat.

Before Atlas Genius came on, their fans had an eagerness for them to get on stage. Many of them were whispering to their friends guessing what songs Atlas Genius would start off with. To answer their question, Atlas Genius started off with “On A Day.” The whole crowd started to sing the lyrics with the band. Atlas Genius then transitioned into “If So” and the audience became more involved with the show. They were jumping as well as bopping their heads to the beat. Throughout the set, the crowd was energetic and enthusiastic about every song Atlas Genius played. There was a point in the set that Keith did a intimate rendition of “Don’t Make a Scene.” They ended their set with “Electric.” It was a great way to end the night. But the fans wanted more. By the time the guys had left the stage, the fans chanted to get them back on. Within three minutes, Atlas genius came out and played “Centered on You” and finished the night with “Trojans.” The crowd was more than satisfied to hear these songs, let alone see the guys.

Two brothers set out on a mission to make good music. They accomplished that and much more. It was their first time in Vegas and they did Vegas right, to say the least.

Make sure to check them out:

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