Cage The Elephant

There hasn’t been a band that has gained plenty of fans and followers in such a short time as Cage The Elephant has. There is a reason to this. The main reason is because these guys put on such a charismatic and energy packed show. Their passion for their music and fans greatly showed in their performance.

Coming from Bowling Green, KY, Cage The Elephant, along with Foals, set foot on Terminal 5’s stage to give this sold out show a phenomenal show. Foals set the mood before Cage The Elephant  came on stage. Their enthusiasm for their music exudes through their performance. Sometimes it’s hard for bands to crossover to the U.S. market when they’re from a different country, but Foals didn’t have that problem at all. There was an abundant amount of fans that wanted to see them in concert. Foals was did an amazing job setting the stage and the mood for Cage The Elephant.

Cage The Elephant started the show off with Spiderhead. Before everyone stepped on stage, Daniel Tichenor was on first and he played a slow and mesmerizing rendition of the Greensleeves or something that resembled it. Slowly, each member walked out on the stage and the last to arrive and to set the scene was Matthew Shultz. With each member coming on stage, the crowd was more than ecstatic. There is one word that describes Matthew Shultz and that is charismatic. He had a presence that was very noticeable. His demeanor brought a sense of excitement and electricity to the stage that got the fans going. At one point, he rushed towards the audience and crowd surfed for a bit. Everyone in the front had their arms outstretched towards Matt trying to get a handshake or a handhold from him. To the right of him was new guitarist Nick Bockrath. He meshed well with the guys for it being his first tour with Cage The Elephant. On the opposite side of the stage was Brad Schultz. He had as much energy as a 5 year old, but in a good way. His excitement for their show was very contagious and the whole crowd felt it. Everyone in the group meshed and synchronized well and their chemistry helps make up a better show.

Their setlist started off with “Spiderhead” and the whole crowd just started jumping up and down. They then transitioned into “In One Ear.” The western-like vibe the song had mixed with the fast ad-lib, gives the ambiance of the venue a down-to-earth yet gritty feel. When they had played one of their most loved and listened to songs, “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked,” the crowd sang every word back at them. You could feel the “coolness” factor exudes from all the members of Cage The Elephant. Since this is their Melophobia tour, they played a majority of the songs off of their latest album Melophobia. They ended their set with “Come A Little Closer” and the crowd went nuts. The guys gave it all they got to finish strong. When their main set ended, their audience wanted to hear more from them. Cage The Elephant only had two songs on their encore setlist. They left the stage with “Sabertooth” and pretty much left everything they had on the stage.

These guys have a charismatic appearance on stage. Their fans were very impressed with their performance and looked like they would definitely see Cage The Elephant again and again.

Check them out:


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